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UPLIFT Wear is a clothing brand that people can wear, as a reminder to be their best self, and to be positive no matter what is going on in their lives.

MENTAL HEALTH and SELF LOVE have been emerging topics in the past few years, with the idea that we need to stop telling people to "just stop thinking about it" or "get over it" when dealing with life situations. Too many people have been bullied, pushed around, and just put down for a majority of their lives, a lot of times for no real reason. We have also lost too many people to suicide, especially children, when those events could’ve been easily prevented. People feel helpless with no way out, and that they weren't meant to be confident. This causes things such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and can even evolve to Suicide due to hopelessness.

10% of all sales will be donated to non-profit organizations around the United States, specializing in Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Anxiety/Depression Support, and more. These include organizations such as "The Trevor Project", "The Jed Foundation", "Black Mental Health Alliance", and "Mental Health America". Before checking out, you can choose to have that money split evenly among all of the available organizations, or donate to a specific organization. The choice is up to you!

My message is pretty broad. Love Yourself. You matter. Don’t let anything stop you from being the best version of yourself. I want to help people want to put in the work to make themselves a better person, while also letting people know that they are loved, cared for, and to never give up hope. Things are going to get better, and a more positive mindset will help your journey. I invite people to share their stories as they wear our apparel, and I want them to know that we support you, and whatever you're going through, you're not alone.

There’s way more people than you think fighting battles with themselves. Holding in so many emotions from past trauma and experiences, thinking they should just deal with it and move on. We should be able to talk to one another about what we are feeling and empower each other to be strong. That alone can save a life. Even a hug in itself has the power to tell someone "I'm here for you if you ever need me, don't stop believing in yourself." 

I would like my brand to be worn by everyone. I encourage people from all walks of life to come together, and just simply have a conversation. Empower each other despite the MANY differences that this world has. Learn from each other and motivate one another to be a better version of themselves. It may help them more than you think. If you see someone with an UPLIFT Shirt, tell them you are there for them and that they matter. My goal is to get people to have conversations, and share a common goal, which is to UPLIFT ONE ANOTHER.

If my clothing can help with healing, even if its just one person, I will be forever grateful.